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No matter what shape your personal addiction takes, there’s no shame in admitting to having a problem, and there’s no shame in admitting that we can all use some help sometimes. At Alcoholism And Drug Addiction (Recovery), our aim is to help our patients regain control of themselves back from a variety of addictions. Our clinic can be found in the local area. If you know someone who could use our help or need it yourself, contact us through our booking form.

Our Services

We can assist in the rehabilitation of many types of addictions. Our practitioners will meet with you individually to tailor each recovery program specific to your situation. We work in groups and individually, and will always take your preferences into consideration. During your time with us, we hope to help you lead the life you wish to live. We hope to make this a positive experience which will give you tools to make use of for the rest of your life.

Our Staff

Our staff believes in openness and handling each case with care. Our team is highly qualified and expert in their respective fields. They will do their utmost to make your experience as comfortable as possible, from check in to check out. We understand that this can be an intimidating and scary experience, but we are well-prepared to help you take these essential steps in regaining control of your life. Even though this is a journey you must ultimately take yourself, we are here to assist at every step.


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